Food entertainment has been an ongoing trend in the event industry for years. Food Entertainment has grown in popularity because of the increased awareness of the importance of diet, sustainability, nutrition and the quality of food. Food is the basic ingredient which draws delegates to events and is often used as an incentive to drive attendance.

    Weather it is a chef creating a live demo on stage, an interactive “create your own” food station, a food “art” display or a hands on experiential food related event; food has become the center of our experiences at events.

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Everyone is going crazy for craft beer .Whether you are a beer connoisseur or just developing your pallet for beer, craft beer is a growing trend and taking over taps across Canada! As an event planner, there are lots of ways to leverage the popularity of craft beers.

Here are a few tips and ideas on how to incorporate them into your events!

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After years of producing events and seeing the large amount of waste the events industry produces, Paradigm Events would like to provide a platform to recycle event supplies and therefore create a greener, more responsible industry. Our goal is to reduce waste in the events industry and re-use, recycle and re-purpose event supplies.

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The traditional image of a holiday party is changing. During the pre-recession, companies were hosting elaborate parties which generally included entertainment, sit down meals, gifting, open bars and it was expected for spouses to be in attendance.

Post-recession, we are a long way from these traditional parties. However, corporations are eagerly looking for ways to recognize employee efforts and create a strong team bond which is cost effective and more meaningful.

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When an RFP comes across my desk, I am often conflicted with how much information to provide. Certainly the
opportunity to introduce your company to a new client is not something you want to miss out on. However,
presenting your creative ideas can put your company at risk.

RFP’s are a great tool because they allow a client to compare “apples to apples” and ensure that they are
evaluating potential vendors on a fair and equitable basis. I want my clients to do their research in advance of
taking on an event planner. There are many great planners in the industry and a RFP will help to determine the
level of experience, the “fit” and credibility that the planner brings to the table.

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If you have recently decided to lead an event team or committee, you will want to ensure your team feels valued and you are able to get the most out of your team members while not overwhelming them!

When working with new clients, I often start by trying to understand the internal and external resources as well as the strengths of the team so that I can work to complement the existing set of skills and maximize our resources for the event.

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Muskoka has something for everyone! Paradigm Events, a full service event production company has had the pleasure of bringing award winning events to life in Muskoka since 1997. Muskoka as a destination has a lot to offer from outdoor activities, to top culinary experiences and a culture rich in history.

Depending on how active your group wants to be or how much downtime your meetings will allow, Muskoka has many experiential and interactive on and off-site activities to offer groups.

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The First phase to planning an effective event is the research phase. The research phase in integral to understanding the needs and objectives of your clients’ event.

In researching your client’s needs you should first come up with a list of questions about the client and their background in order to help gain a better understanding of who your client is and where they have come from?

A few key research questions are required to determine the best type of event for your client.


Who are the decision makers?

What is the decision making process?

What roles to do each member of the event “team” or internal committee play? What is their history/knowledge with the event?


Have they planned this event in the past?

What has been successful?

What has been unsuccessful?

What have they learned from their past events?


What is their budget?

Where doe s the cash flow come from?

Where do they want to spend their money? What is important to them?


Who is the demographic that attend the events?

Where do they live?

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In this business ideas are valuable but as an event producer you have to determine the feasibility of your event ideas.

When determining event feasibility I usually look at a few key factors; 1) Cash Flow, 2) Resources and 3) timelines.

Understanding where the cash flow comes from is important to determining if you will have the cash flow available and required during the planning process..

Cash flow for events depends on the revenue stream of the event. It is integral to ensure that there is ample cash flow throughout the planning process in order to ensure that all deposits can be made and suppliers are secured with ample planning time.

Resources, both internal and external are an important part of determining event feasibility. Internal resources can include strengths of the company that can be pulled from and utilized during the planning process. Internal resources may include time investment from internal staff to assist with the event process or skills from the internal team that can be utilized such as graphic design or marketing. Internal resources can also be tangible event expenses such as printing or photography.

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When planning an event for your client it is imperative to understand what
the goal of the event is and why your client wants to produce this event.

The goal and objective of the event should be the focus of every decision
made for your client and for the event moving forward in the planning process.

A Client will often hold an event to:

-Promote sales opportunities

-Increase the profile of the company

-Client appreciation

-Employee appreciation

-Maintain visibility in the marketplace

-Launch a new product

Determining the goals and objectives of the event helps to create tangible goals
and outcomes that you want to see from the event?

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